BMW Rear Brake Pad Replacement Service.

BMW Rear Brake Pad Replacement Service

Certified BMW Rear Brake Pad Replacement in Champaign, IL.

Rear brake pads are as vital to your driving as your front brake pads, even though they take less wear. They give you precision and control that keeps your car fully under your command and make you a safer driver to yourself and everyone around you. When it’s time to get new rear brake pads, we’re here to help, and we’ll make sure your rear brake pads are in optimal shape for all your braking needs.

What a Rear Brake Pad Replacement Entails.

Rear brake pads are replaced quite similarly to front brake pads. In fact, the only difference is in the type of brake pad you need. Otherwise, it follows the same pattern as a front brake pad replacement: our technicians remove the wheel, remove the bolt securing the calipers, then swing out the pad for replacement. Once the new pads and clips are in place, the calipers are bolted back where they need to be, and the wheel is replaced. We always test to make sure your brake pads are on securely, but once we’re satisfied, your car comes back to you.

How Often You Should Get a Rear Brake Pad Replacement.

Most experts agree that brake pads with heavy usage should be replaced every 30,000 to 35,000 miles, but it depends highly on how much you use your brakes. The better option is to either have them checked regularly (which our certified technicians are happy to do), or to know the signs of thin brake pads. When your brake pads are thin, you’ll generally feel a vibration during braking, and you’ll probably hear a squealing, which is a normal feature of the brake pad that tells you when it’s time to replace it.

Why Replace Brake Pads.

Brake pads are made to press against your rotor and decrease its speed through friction. This means they need to be made of something that generates friction but doesn’t damage the rotor. When your brake pads get too thin, they can expose the metal underneath them and start causing serious harm to your rotor. Replacing your brake pads regularly keeps you from expensive rotor replacements and also gives you control of your braking.

Rear Brake Pad Replacement Service

Get Your Rear Brake Pads Replaced at BMW of Champaign.

Our service center is open through Saturday to give you the most opportunities to bring in your BMW to us. We even have rental car services available should you need to be somewhere else during your rear brake pad replacement, as well as a courtesy transportation shuttle for local tasks. We’re here to make your rear brake pad replacement as simple as possible, so set up your appointment online today!

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Local BMW owners choose us for the peace of mind provided by a comprehensive service menu performed according to BMW-certified standards. We demonstrate our commitment to BMW service excellence with a team of factory-trained and certified technicians who gain BMW expertise from extensive direct experience, a state-of-the-art facility with the latest BMW service technologies, and only installing genuine OEM parts guaranteed by a BMW warranty. We welcome customers to browse the current specials, download savings, and schedule an appointment at Serra BMW Champaign.

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