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At BMW Champaign, we understand how frustrating servicing your vehicle can be. Oftentimes you are stuck sitting in a waiting area for hours or bumming a ride off of a friend. These constant inconveniences just make you more frustrated with having maintenance done on your vehicle. This is exactly why we offer a complimentary shuttle service for all of our customers!

Did your car break down on the day you were planning on shopping for your child's birthday gift? Not to worry! Our shuttle service will take you to the mall, so you can pick out the perfect present. Your time is extremely valuable, which is why we want to help you in absolutely any way we can.

Are you nervous that you may be asking us to go out of our way to drop you off at a specific place? We will drive anywhere within a reasonable distance! Do not worry about requesting a frivolous place like the yoga studio, hair salon or pet food store. We want to make your day run as smoothly as it would have if your car was not in the shop. As long as your desired destination is within a reasonable driving distance, we will be happy to accommodate any request!

Car Service Near Me - BMW Champaign

At BMW Champaign in Savoy, our shuttle service is nearly on demand! We can pick up and depart at almost any time to help you reach your desired destination. Please remember, though, that we do not do any crazy party busses at night. Keep the timing within reason!

Sitting in a waiting room as your car is fixed can be a boring, hunger-invoking experience. We always have snacks on hand to satiate those hunger pangs. If you dropped your vehicle off before work, snag some food and we can drop you off at your place of business! 

We are here to help you! We love our customers and want to ensure that when someone is out of a vehicle, we are here to assist in absolutely any way possible. Stop into either one of our dealerships today and schedule your next luxury service appointment!

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